The Streaky Professor – Part Seventeen

Part XVII:

Déjà vu only exists if you believe in it. It’s just like anything else. The human power of belief is a wonderful and amazing construct. Alternatively, so is the tree falling in the woods argument. Either way,, at the very moment of Artemis’ tumble, Mavis was several hours into her drive. She had become very in touch with her own feelings recently that any sudden change did not go unnoticed. Suddenly, a feeling came over her that she had been here before, traveling west along this very highway. Then, in the succeeding moment, the feeling flashed away, as quickly as it came.
As her mind turned over this sudden sensation and began to analyze it, Mavis had no idea quite what to make of it. She thought perhaps she was growing tired and should pause for a rest. As with any major highway throughout America, I-40 was full of rest stops and places for Mavis to safely rest. The first thing she did when she left the car was study the vending machines located just in front of her. Feeling she could use a burst of sugar and caffeine, she grabbed a couple dollars from her pocket and selected a Whatchamacallit, a favorite candy of her childhood.
She sat down at a nearby bench and bit slowly into the candy bar, paying particular attention to the memory she had of the taste. She found it amazing that a good 20 years after she could remember having eaten one, it still tasted the same. Before she knew it, Mavis was chewing and swallowing the final bite. With this final bite, she felt she had finally made some sense of the bizarre feeling that led her to this very moment. Within her mind, she knew she had to get back on the road and keep driving, whereby the answer would reveal itself in time.

To be continued…

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