The Streaky Professor – Part Twenty

Part XX:

Lack of sleep is never an easy feeling to overcome. Without caffeine, or other roadside stimulants, the eyelids grow very heavy and attempt to close involuntarily. Add to that the ease at which the thought process becomes muddled and you can imagine the world of hurt that Mavis was in. Somehow, she had managed to make it this far and she wasn’t about to let herself pass out on the side of the road. Without notice, a giant truck went whizzing by, causing an almost earthquake like rumble that shook the ground violently around her and her car. The jolt was enough to send adrenaline coursing quickly through her veins and push her into flight mode.
As he lay in the water, Artemis realized this was the most excitement he had encountered in quite a long time. Although he appeared to be almost still and lifeless, the cogs of his mind were churning at quite a rapid pace. Almost without notice, a giant albatross that had been circling overhead began a quick descent directly toward Artemis. With an elegant grace, the winged animal landed softly, directly on his forehead and began pecking at once at his scalp.
This action finally caused some outward movement in Artemis, proving to himself that his limbs were still functioning. Although he did not completely dislike the sensation this albatross was causing on the top of his head, his right arm shook suddenly, causing the bird to fly away quickly in fear. Although this wasn’t enough to get him to stand up, it began the process by which he would finally stand up and remove himself from this unpleasant position.

To be continued…

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