The Streaky Professor – Part Twenty-Two

Part XXII:

Her previous modest pace hastened to a sprint as she found herself getting closer and closer to Artemis. When she was within several hundred feet, Mavis pulled up to a walk so she would not be panting when she approached the stranger. She was breathing quite rapidly and perspiring wildly, but she was set on finding out who the man on the beach was that she felt she must introduce herself to. When she finally made it to Artemis, she realized he hadn’t moved since she caught sight of him.
Not knowing exactly what to say, Mavis just sat down next to him. His head was still buried snugly between his knees and she could hear his breath sounds and see his body moving up and down with each cycle. Upon sitting, she gazed out into the ocean, truly captivated by the beauty of the area. She watched several waves crest and become a soapy white as they meshed with the clear blue of the ocean. There was a rhythm to it that simultaneously both captivated and soothed her.
She finally broke the silence and uttered pleasantly to Artemis, “Quite a view, isn’t it?”
In fact, Artemis hadn’t taken much time to look out on the water and the question stirred inside of him while he sought a response. The sound of Mavis’ voice did, however, persuaded him to lift his head from the position it had rested for the last several hours. Upon doing so, he felt the impressions of his knees just below his temples as he peeled each side slowly away from the skin that had become adjoined to it. With a look that could only be compared to a begging puppy dog, he glanced up at Mavis, not sure if he would be able to speak without first having a drink of fresh water.

To be continued…

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