The Streaky Professor – Part Nine

Part IX:

The exchange was rather lopsided between Artemis and the man behind the podium. The laughter that came bellowing our of Artemis was not reciprocated in any way. The most the man could must was a forced smile. The air quickly came out of the balloon that was Artemis’ good humor and he decided to tend to the business at hand.
“Pardon my outburst,” he cried out, “I have been traveling for the better part of the day and I seem to be burning the candle from both sides at the moment. If you could please direct me to my room, I would like to lay down for a little and freshen myself up.”
The man seemed all too eager to send Artemis on his way as he sprang back with, “Surely, I can help you with that. I have not received any bags and I assume it will be just you for the duration of your stay?”
Artemis did not care much for the snide tone the man had taken, but he thought better than to split hairs with him. Feeling quite encumbered, he said, “Yes, it will be just me.” He considered explaining more of his situation, but was quite certain that would not get him anywhere.
The man then opened a leather portfolio that lay in front of him and removed a small manilla envelope. He handed the envelope to Artemis with the instructions, “In here, you will find a key to your room, on the third floor, and a list of daily activities. It is a pleasure to welcome you to Rushwind. I do hope your stay with us is enjoyable.”

To be continued…

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