The Streaky Professor – Part Fifteen

Part XV:

Sometimes, the smallest action can begin a precipitous decline of character, otherwise known as a fall from grace. Although Artemis hadn’t consciously done anything to keep himself in Karma’s favor, he also hadn’t done anything to rock the boat. Can it be denied that the path to good fortune travels a road of honesty and virtue? Perhaps in the real word it can, but in this world of make-believe, where the events are under outright totalitarianism to bring forth a desired outcome, guilty parties never fare well.
The calm feeling of cleansing himself in a warm bath did not last for Artemis. In fact, he became so indignant at being disturbed that any disposition that he had in his character evaporated in a flash. With the rage akin to an angry school boy, he grabbed the tray, glasses and all, and raised it up above his shoulder. With one swift movement, Artemis opened the front door of his room and with absolute rage, flung the whole thing straight against the wall across the hallway. Glass went shattering everywhere and the silver tray, having been squarely dented while leaving a 4 inch gash in the wall, went tumbling down the hallway with a crash.
Like a teapot that can no longer keep the pressure of the rising steam contained, Artemis exploded with a “ARRRRGGGGHHHH!” and himself barreled down the hallway, leaving the door to his room open. For the first time since he had arrived, he noticed several guests staring blankly at him. In one almost unconscious moment, he made his way out of the main building of the resort and started running. Fortunately, there were no snipers occupying the building’s roof, or surely they would have picked him off. Almost in a full sprint, Artemis continued to run, not sure exactly where he was headed.

To be continued…

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