The Streaky Professor – Part Eighteen


And so it did, as these types of things usually do, when given the opportunity. A weird thing happens when we attempt to turn off our own involvement in our decisions and let chance take hold. Most of the time, we end in one or another dire situation, akin to being pushed ever so slightly past the edge of a cliff. However, if we are to believe in the power of inertia and its ability to influence a completely opposite and positive reaction to such circumstance, then sometimes something magical will occur.
Magic is an interesting concept. Children, before they care to believe that rabbits can not really appear spontaneously out of a black stovepipe hat, are usually very entertained by the league of men who call themselves magicians. Maybe it is part and parcel with a child’s view of the world around them, but those who fall for the “severed thumb” trick are not entirely devoid of intelligence. Thus, allowing chance to take hold and sway us this way and that is not a reflection of how much we know, but part of our character.
Mavis, as part of her emotional inspiration she had been under since leaving New Mexico, decided to make herself as free of choice as possible. As all of us who have tried it will know, this is virtually impossible. Still, doing her best, she found herself riding north along the Coastal Highway of California. As she wound this way and that, she realized she had been on the road for more than 12 hours straight. To her right, the sun began to peek its yellow glow into the horizon and then be fully absorbed, like a dry washcloth being held under running water suddenly becoming flush with H2O molecules.

To be continued…

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