The Beekeeper’s Daughter – Part Ten

Part X of The Beekeeper's Daughter, a story about Caleb, a humble beekeeper, and his daughter Jessica.

Part X:

“The answer, love, is more than 5 million dollars!” Caleb provided the answer for his daughter, as he was hoping to prove a point to the girl. “That is the power of exponential growth. In theory, money does not have the ability to double on its own, but the wonderful and mysterious honey bee, well that is a different story.”
They continued on their casual ride as Caleb was stung by the thought of how he longed for this moment, but feared, as any father would, the potential disappointment if his daughter did not share his passion for the practice of beekeeping. The sound of the ground spreading away from the rolling tires became more evident as they came closer to their destination. An eery quiet took over, over which a steady hum, from the nearby bees, could be detected.
Caleb dismounted his bike and proceeded to the large wooden door that led to the antechamber of the giant dome that housed the bees. It was somewhat of a greenhouse, with a constant temperature of 75 degrees, which he had found to be ideal for the production of what he liked to call the royal jelly. The building was aided by the heat from the sun, but also utilized an air conditioning system to keep the moisture down and the air fresh. After inserting his master key in the lock, Caleb swung the door open and motioned for his daughter to follow him inside.

To be continued…


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