The Streaky Professor – Part Twenty-Six

Part XXVI:   The smile that Mavis returned to this greeting would have melted Artemis’ heart, were it made of wax. It seems that often we go through life looking for love in all the wrong places. Then it has this funny way of showing up right in front of us when we least expect […]

The Streaky Professor – Part Twenty-Five

Part XXV:   “Don’t drink the water too fast. You look severely dehydrated and I don’t want your body to reject it,” Mavis ordered Artemis, like a mother caring for her child.   He debated snapping back, but had not the energy or strength to reply. Plus, he was a bit comforted by the fact […]

The Streaky Professor – Part Twenty-Three

Part XXIII:   In fact, Artemis’ lips had grown so chapped that the most subtle movement caused the skin to break open and bleed. His tongue and mouth felt as soft as the cheap brown paper towels available in most public restrooms. The taste of salt was overwhelming his entire mouth that he didn’t even […]

The Streaky Professor – Part Twenty-Two

Part XXII:   Her previous modest pace hastened to a sprint as she found herself getting closer and closer to Artemis. When she was within several hundred feet, Mavis pulled up to a walk so she would not be panting when she approached the stranger. She was breathing quite rapidly and perspiring wildly, but she […]

The Streaky Professor – Part Twenty-One

Part XXI:   It took several seconds for the equilibrium to balance in his head, so that he didn’t feel as if a single step would result in collapse. Placing his right foot on a nearby rock, Artemis found it difficult to get a secure footing, doing his best to keep his center of gravity […]

The Streaky Professor – Part Twenty

Part XX:   Lack of sleep is never an easy feeling to overcome. Without caffeine, or other roadside stimulants, the eyelids grow very heavy and attempt to close involuntarily. Add to that the ease at which the thought process becomes muddled and you can imagine the world of hurt that Mavis was in. Somehow, she […]

The Streaky Professor – Part Nineteen

Part XIX:   Almost without notice, a small particle trapped in the microcosm of the moment daisy chained itself to others in no uncertain pattern. Maybe it was the inspiration of the fool on the hill or the lunatic on the grass, nobody can be sure of such a thing. As the power of knowing […]

The Streaky Professor – Part Eighteen

Part XVIII:   And so it did, as these types of things usually do, when given the opportunity. A weird thing happens when we attempt to turn off our own involvement in our decisions and let chance take hold. Most of the time, we end in one or another dire situation, akin to being pushed […]

The Streaky Professor – Part Seventeen

Part XVII:   Déjà vu only exists if you believe in it. It’s just like anything else. The human power of belief is a wonderful and amazing construct. Alternatively, so is the tree falling in the woods argument. Either way,, at the very moment of Artemis’ tumble, Mavis was several hours into her drive. She […]

The Streaky Professor – Part Sixteen

Part XVI:   The heat of the day had waned and the sun was but a pinkish hue on the horizon, visible along the surface of the ocean. Dust, along the path Artemis traveled, flew up directly in his face and eyes. Somehow, he did not seem to notice and continued, steadfast in his pace. […]