Framingham Friends

Framingham Friends is a poem about old friends in a small form town called Framingham.

Humble Bumble Bee

Humble Bumble Bee is a poem about a tiny little bee that lives in its own world.

Courageous Cuff

Courageous Cuff is a poem about Cuff, a guy who was more courageous than most.

Gargantuan Gypsy

Gargantuan Gypsy is a poem about a fortune teller that has gotten to big for their britches.


Charades is a poem about communicating with actions instead of words.

A Piece of Dust

A Piece of Dust is a poem about something small that is often overlooked.

Casting Doubt

Casting Doubt is a poem about the subtle shade of gray that is cast over things that appear untrue.

Secrets of the Scatterbrained

Secrets of the Scatterbrained is a poem about those who have lots to share but can’t organize their thoughts to communicate.

Cold Feels So Alone

Cold Feels So Alone is a poem about the bitterness the body feels when out in frigid weather.