If Once Were Enough – Part Twenty-Seven

Part XXVII:   I hadn’t yet fully come to realize how I had felt about what had happened, so having a bit of extra time to process it all was just what I needed. I wanted some time to myself, but couldn’t find the right way to ask Lucy to leave, so I just tried […]

If Once Were Enough – Part Twenty-Six

Part XXVI:   In our lifelong search for memorable experiences, people seem to forget to enjoy the moment they find themselves in, all too often. It is not until such a moment passes that we find ourselves wishing we had done something differently to otherwise prolong the fleeting sensation. As soon as Alan had walked […]

If Once Were Enough – Part Twenty-Five

Part XXV:   I could easily have gone on doing this well into the morning and then some. I can’t say if either Alan or Lucy enjoyed the experience to the extent that I did, but I could tell they were having fun. There were many peaks and valleys of the music throughout our playing. […]

If Once Were Enough – Part Twenty-Four

Part XXIV:   As simple and uneventful as it may sound, that is what I did. I found a bass note that fit in with what they were playing and I just went with it, until I was able to feel like I was actually adding to the final product. The reality of the situation […]

If Once Were Enough – Part Twenty-Three

Part XXIII:   No worse for the wear, after several more minutes I finally came across the old amplifier. It was something I picked up at a garage sale in my old neighborhood. There was no branding on it and it had grown quite dusty over the years, so I could only hope that it […]

If Once Were Enough – Part Twenty-Two

Part XXII:   “I do have an old Fender, it’s not of American construction,” I began telling Alan, “but it does stay in tune pretty well and it gets the job done. I also have an old amplifier that is more vintage than I would like, but it should work for you. I must say […]

If Once Were Enough – Part Twenty-One

Part XXI:   I may have been a bit agitated by Alan at first, but his cloying personality was actually making me feel more comfortable in some strange way. To imagine a purpose so bold as he claimed was most likely no less than a good sales pitch and something that I knew better than […]

If Once Were Enough – Part Twenty

Part XX:   Alan made his way towards the center of the room, where Lucy had already sat back down. There was space next to her on the sofa, but he chose to sit in a folding chair, opting not to move the t-shirt off the back. For a person walking in to such a […]

If Once Were Enough – Part Nineteen

Part XIX:   There was some sort of instant connection between us, like we navigated a similar plane for an extended period and shared a mutual path of existence. If ever there were a person that blended into the surrounding air, he was the one. He wore a simple canvas coat that ended well above […]

If Once Were Enough – Part Eighteen

Part XVIII:   Certain experiences we would like to go on forever, while others can not end fast enough. Such is the conundrum of the human condition. We don’t have the ability to pick and choose, lest we gain control of the reaction. It seems all to often that once is never all we get […]