The Streaky Professor – Part Twenty-Six

Part XXVI:

The smile that Mavis returned to this greeting would have melted Artemis’ heart, were it made of wax. It seems that often we go through life looking for love in all the wrong places. Then it has this funny way of showing up right in front of us when we least expect it. Both Artemis and Mavis were very weary and much in need of rest. As you may recall, Mavis’ car had already run out of gas, even though it somehow started and made it up the road another mile, after it had been allowed to sit idle for a bit. Thus, there was not much for the couple to do except return back to Rushwind.
There were no words or even pleasantries exchanged between the two, until Artemis finally spoke up. “You look about as tired as I feel. I wouldn’t normally do this, but I am staying at a resort just up the road. Would you like to come back with me?”
Mavis was slightly taken aback by the forwardness Artemis was exhibiting, but not enough so to reject his proposal. “Are you sure you want to invite a complete stranger back to your room? I feel the circumstance under which we have met was anything but ordinary, yet I am obliged to take you up on the offer.”
Artemis thought for a moment and replied back, “I assure you I act in earnest, although you are right to question me. Please, let me return the kindness that you have just shown me.”
And with this, Artemis began to lead the way back toward Rushwind. Neither of them were very swift to move and the walk was more laborious than they had accounted for. Nevertheless, they eventually made it back to the resort and found Artemis’ room returned back to the state it had been when he initially arrived. Not a word was spoken to Artemis of his meltdown, but he did receive some rather strange glances from the staff. The remainder of his stay went without incident and began an entirely new chapter in the lives of both Mavis and Artemis.

The End

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