Soliloquy in Sunlight – Part Four

Soliloquy in Sunlight is a story about Frances Elvin Cornwall, who lived under a great deal of self-exerted pressure.

Part IV:

For those not familiar with Excalibur, it is the legendary sword of King Arthur that is said to have possessed both mystical and magical powers. For exemplar, when Arthur first wielded the sword, it is written that the metal’s reflection from the sun was powerful enough to instantly blind every single one of his enemies. For those not familiar with tales of King Arthur, I suggest frequenting your resident Internet browser and locating one of the various renditions of the legend in the modern era. As for Elvin, in addition to studying each Canterbury tale at length, he always had his nose half deep in some work of folklore or fiction.
Perhaps he was always trying to find satisfaction that the elemental world was not able to offer, but I always felt that he had a part of himself that he was always more in touch with while reading. Either he wasn’t yet ready to share this side of his self, or he was still in the process of discovering it. Either way, I always knew when he spoke, there was always something he wasn’t saying, no matter how off the wall his statements were.
“Elvin, what do you make of that man we saw through the window earlier?”
“Smelden, I suppose it may become slightly clearer once I show you this letter I received the day before yesterday.”
“A letter? You have received a letter? Please, do tell.”
This conversation occurred on our walk home from school that day. A day that I am not sure I will ever forget, or even understand, for that matter. I will produce the text of the letter in full, so you, the reader, may attempt to draw your own conclusion before I offer my interpretation.

To be continued…

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