Snake Oil – Part Three

Snake Oil is a short story about a man named Happenin' Hal.

Part III:

I would say, merely in relative terms, that Hal put the “fear of god” into us, but you must understand that religion had nothing to do with any of this. Plus, I have never been too in love with that phrase, unless we shall imagine some mystical catheter funneling neuronal activity directly into our sixth sense.
“What is it you are peddling, kind sir?”, I asked of the apparitional entrant.
“Do flies have a sense of smell?” came from his mouth, as his lips spread with smooth wisdom.
“Well, I am sure I have no idea how to answer that question. I suppose I have never given it much thought,” I replied after minimal consideration.
“So you do, in fact, wonder how it is that this tiny, airborne creature seems to infest areas where sweets are plentiful? Maybe it is just a matter of chance and these creatures spend their days tasting everything they land on. I suppose it is part of the mystery of how the common housefly can reproduce within a day or two of emerging from their pupal case, but can go on living for almost an additional three weeks.”
By this point, I was caught somewhere in the present, though it felt like a fourth dimension. I offered back, “Surely, sir, you did not come here today to philosophize on the mating habits and lifestyle of the common house fly?”

To be continued…


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