Kraybold the Coward – Part Two

Kraybold the Coward is a story about Kraybold, who was too much of a coward for his own well-being.

Part II:

Personification of catastrophic events can help teach us the danger of exhibiting unmasked wrath. Natural forces are present in all of us and left unconfined they can boil to the surface and erupt like a volcano, destroying everything in their path. This was Kraybold’s biggest fear, that he would elicit in others the feelings he worked so hard to keep out of his consciousness. The general gray of the sky was a comfort to him on this day, for unlike most people, he found comfort in change.
As he continued his stroll along the raised walkway that ran the full length of the small coastal town, he came across a stray dog. He always felt a close connection with the canine species, as he could see in their facial composition some of the feelings he longed to understand. He reached slowly into his pocket and pulled out a Milk Bone from the snack size plastic baggie he always carried around. As the dog gently plucked the treat from his open palm, he admired how easy it was to please the simple creature.
“I suppose conversation with you will be unanimously one-sided, so I will spare myself the energy, if that is okay with you?”
The multicolored mutt seemed to nod in agreement and proceeded to park his behind right on Kraybold’s toes. The dog’s tail continued to wag as if outwardly exhibiting pleasure. This simple act was enough to comfort Kraybold as he resumed resumed his stroll, with the canine in tow.

To be continued…

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