Jiggle Oh, the Gigolo – Part Two

Jiggle Oh, the Gigolo is a short story about a man who is aptly named Jiggle Oh. His freewheeling lifestyle often gets him into trouble.

Part II:

It’s not like he was named Bingo Pajama or had a swarm of bees that floated above his head all day long. Jiggle was not your average individual, but a quick glance over from an onlooker would reveal nothing out of the ordinary. More than anything, he managed to blend almost perfectly into his surroundings, somewhat like a chameleon.
To say he worked hard at this would be an understatement. If one were to divide in parts the thought process of his own internal mental state, it would be quite evident that nearly a quarter of his active thoughts were only useful in attempting to quell the large part of his thoughts that were in fact, inactive. He spent so much time contradicting himself, both in public and private, that his normal state could best be described as circular.
Sliding his leopard skin, satin underwear up over his right foot and then his left foot, for he always dressed himself in this manner, he looked over at the older woman resting in her bed. He laid down the robe he had been wearing and walked towards the bathroom, in only his underwear.
“It’s not like you to be here so far into the morning. Is something wrong?” As she said this, she rolled over the other way, appearing completely disinterested in even hearing a response to her inquiry.

To be continued…


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