In a Secret Lair – Part Two

In a Secret Lair is a story about a man who lives in cave below the surface of the Earth and what he encounters.

Part II:

Certain effects are not fully realized while perception is keen. It is the unnoticed events that often have the most profound influence on human behavior. A wise man once said that that life is what happens while you aren’t paying attention. Lest he realize that he somehow wasn’t in control, for even a moment, the dawn began to break.
Nothing particular had occurred on the day leading up to the current moment, but Harjen had been carrying a weight around with him, literally. Somehow, the idea popped into his head that carrying around a five pound weight in his left arm would even things out. Since he could remember well enough to put a finger upon, he had felt lopsided, as it were. The right side often made him feel out of balance, as if it were the more authoritative side. In an effort to finally right this quasi imabalance, he had started to carry a dumbbell around with him.
The dumbbell itself was dense enough to be of a size about equal to the palm of his hand. A light blue plastic covered the round sides and circular middle. It even had a small logo, on one side, that read simply “Svelt.” It didn’t particularly make any sense why those five letters adorned the side of the dumbbell, but they did, nonetheless.

To be continued…


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