If Once Were Enough – Part Twenty-Two

Part XXII:

“I do have an old Fender, it’s not of American construction,” I began telling Alan, “but it does stay in tune pretty well and it gets the job done. I also have an old amplifier that is more vintage than I would like, but it should work for you. I must say I didn’t think this strange meeting was going to turn in to a jam session. Give me a minute and I will grab the equipment out of my closet.”

I could overhear an exchange of words between Alan and Lucy. They were discussing among themselves their musical experience. Strangely enough, it seemed that we all have some childhood experience, but none of his really had instruction from a reputable source as adults.

After some fumbling through old clothes, jackets, and shoes, I pulled out the old guitar and walked it over to where Alan was. As I handed it to him, I said, “Why don’t you try to get it in tune while I get the amp out?”

“Sure thing,” he said, as he reached out for the pale red, dusty Stratocaster. “And thank you.”

Getting the amplifier out of my tiny closet took a bit more effort than I had imagined it would. It was buried behind some old roller skates and a toolbox that had come unlatched and the contents had been emptied all over the place. Every time I reached back into the dark pit that is my closet, I kept scraping my hand on a screwdriver or getting pinched by a pair of pliers. Since there was no light, I could barely even see what I was doing.

To be continued…

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