If Once Were Enough – Part Twenty-Five

Part XXV:

I could easily have gone on doing this well into the morning and then some. I can’t say if either Alan or Lucy enjoyed the experience to the extent that I did, but I could tell they were having fun. There were many peaks and valleys of the music throughout our playing. Without any prior notice, Alan suddenly stopped playing and laid his instrument down on the couch next to him. He then made some awkward facial expressions and rose slowly.

“I must be going,” he exclaimed, “I really enjoyed the opportunity to play with you both. I hope one day in the future we can do this again.”

Upon saying this, he hastily grabbed his coat and was out the door and alighting the staircase before I could get a word in edgewise. All that he left behind him was a gust of air. I picked up the guitar that he had been playing and noticed, tucked into the strings on the neck, a polished silver guitar pick. I know that it wasn’t mine, because any picks I had laying around were certainly not this flashy. I pulled the pick out and examined it closely. There was an inscription on one side that simply read “A III.” I had no idea what this could possibly mean.

“That was bizarre,” Lucy proffered, “I felt like we were really starting to get somewhere and then he just storms off, almost as quickly as he ended up here in the first place?”

To be continued…

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