If Once Were Enough – Part Eighteen



Certain experiences we would like to go on forever, while others can not end fast enough. Such is the conundrum of the human condition. We don’t have the ability to pick and choose, lest we gain control of the reaction. It seems all to often that once is never all we get from the worst, yet we strive to regain the glory of that which resides at the peak of the laundry list of experience. All we have left to do is compare and categorize each experience in its own special place in the hierarchy.

I would like to say I was easily able to find joy in the face plant I had just put myself through, but I wasn’t. As I pulled my nose up out of the dirty laundry I had so gracefully buried it in, Lucy was undoing the latch and opening the door. All at once, the light from the hallway came into my otherwise dark apartment. I was never much for a bright atmosphere, so I generally kept most of the lights off, or on a very dim setting.

“I hope I am in the right place,” I could hear a man’s voice over the music still playing on the stereo. “Does Jerrold live here?”

I was still shielded from the view of my guest and Lucy looked back at me, with her face asking, “What should I do?”

Setting my fears aside, I pressed myself off of the floor and glided my hands across my clothes several times, as if I could undo the wrinkles. I wheeled toward the door, in somewhat of a hurry to uncover the mystery of who was waiting. Lucy proceeded to open the door fully, breaking the barrier standing between me and the man standing just outside my door.

To be continued…

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