Honor Among Thieves – Part Twenty

Part XX of Honor Among Thieves, a short story contemplating the idea those who disobey the law are sometimes more honorable than those who follow them.

Part XX

Juice, from the apple, went spraying everywhere. A spot landed on his forehead and several of them landed on the front of his spectacles, before he lowered his arm back down and continued to chew, paying particular attention to the difference in texture between the skin and the juicy flesh of his food. As a sudden flinch came over him, Cliff returned back to the moment and remembered where he was.
“Come talk to me outside,” he said, while excusing himself from the table. “It’s more private out there and I have something important I need to tell you. I am the one people go to when they are in search of a stiff drink and a good smoke.”
Todd, not sure what to make of this advance and finding no reason to object to it, stated plainly, “I gave up smoking several years ago, but what I wouldn’t give for a sip of something that could warm my insides.”
A mutual exchange followed and Cliff went about cleaning up after himself. A look around the cafeteria brought Todd to a sudden realization. There were two distinct types of individuals around him. The brash, blue collar criminal type and the sneaky, white collar criminal type. Had he only realized at this point that the sneaky ones were the ones he needed to keep an eye on, he may have saved himself a great deal of trouble.

To be continued…


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