Honor Among Thieves – Part Twenty-Six

Part XXVI of Honor Among Thieves, a short story contemplating the idea those who disobey the law are sometimes more honorable than those who follow them.

Part XXVI:

The cool liquid made its way down Todd’s esophagus, bringing with it a biting alcohol burn. It instantly sparked a cellular reaction that he could feel from the tips of his toes all the way out to the tips of his fingers. In the past, Todd had not been much of a drinker, but his recent position led him to seek and revel in any form of sensation that would set his mind at ease, even if it was only fleeting. In a quick moment, he felt his thoughts loosen and his tongue follow suit.
Having no one, save himself, to talk to, he picked up a pencil and began to scribble on the note that he found earlier accompanying the flask. The doodling didn’t amount to very much, but was a way for him to attempt to connect the stray fragments of thought that had been lingering in the forefront of his mind. Before he had felt full satisfaction from the alcohol, he noticed the flask was almost completely empty. At once, he began to fear how he would hide the silver flask and closed his eyes amidst the confusion.
For the first night since being incarcerated, Todd slept through the night without waking once. It’s amazing what a stiff drink will do for the situational insomniac. The morning after, he awoke with a stinging pain in his brain, likely the result of the chemical decomposition in his body of the alcohol. He went quickly over to his sink and splashed some cool water on his face, brushed his teeth, and swallowed down a few handfuls of the cool water.

To be continued…

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