Honor Among Thieves – Part Twenty-Seven

Part XXVII of Honor Among Thieves, a short story contemplating the idea those who disobey the law are sometimes more honorable than those who follow them.


As soon as he had collected himself, Todd realized that today was a cell-only day anyway. This eased his mind and offered him the opportunity to lay around in a subdued state of consciousness. Normally, he found it difficult on these days and he became very antsy. Today, this was not the case. He took out a book and tried to read, but found his mind too foggy to focus on the words right in front of him. The day labored and finally turned to evening.
Dinner was unappetizing to say the least. If most people have a hard time stomaching their own mother’s meat loaf, imagine how unappetizing prison meat loaf is. The one thing of substance he found he could stomach was the shiny red apple, laying in front of him, on its side. The intricate detail he had failed to pick up on, until now, was that the apple was missing a stem and appeared to have been hollowed out slightly at the core.
Attempting to inspect the interior of the apple proved futile, so Todd resolved to eat the apple, hoping he would not experience the fate of Snow White and the dreaded poisoned apple and find himself in the midst of a deep sleep. Although, he determined that if that was the most negative of effects a poisoned apple would have on him, it wouldn’t be all that bad. Slowly and carefully, so as not to disturb anything that may have been placed on the inside of the apple, he bit in to the apple.

To be continued…


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