Honor Among Thieves – Part Thirty-Three

Part XXXIII of Honor Among Thieves, a short story contemplating the idea those who disobey the law are sometimes more honorable than those who follow them.


Todd ran his fingers through his beard, which he had let grow for countless months. He longed for some certainty in the current situation he found himself in. How he wished he could be akin to Jane eyre, who at least was sure of her position. Sure, she was in the mostly intolerable position of being hated by her headmistress and locked in the red room to suffer, but at least she could find contentment in knowing the worst it had to offer. Battered, beaten, and bruised, at least she knew it could not get any worse.
The cool breeze that entered the cafeteria when the doors were flung open brought with it the call to action Todd had been waiting for. Barely being observed by the guards or the other inmates, he tossed what remained of his lunch in the trash and placed his tray in the holding area. The bright light of the sun had left several imprinted black spots on his lines of site, as it is wont to do to those whose eyes have become accustomed to darkness. Still in a slight haze, he couldn’t help but make out Cliff, in the same position as he sat the other day, with his back to the fence.
Cliff was waving him over with his right hand. As Todd sat down, indian style, directly across from him, he couldn’t help but notice the tattoos on the inside of his forearm. Cliff’s sleeves were both rolled up, revealing what looked like pages of an ancient scripture. He thought better than to stare long enough to try to make out what they said as Cliff began to speak.
“Thank you for doing as I ask. It will not be long now before you realize your mission in all of this.”

To be continued…


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