Honor Among Thieves – Part Thirty-Seven

Part XXXVII of Honor Among Thieves, a short story contemplating the idea those who disobey the law are sometimes more honorable than those who follow them.


The weather, he thought to himself, That’s the best you could come up with! He is going to know something is amiss. Although his less than staunch demeanor may have raised a red flag of caution in the average person, the guard coming out of Todd’s cell was just making his normal rounds and thought nothing of seeing him so out of breath. He continued his patrol, without even so much much as a momentary pause.
Phew! Todd could feel his heart rate and blood pressure ease quickly back to their normal levels. Just as he crossed the threshold of his cell, the small box slid straight down his leg and crashed along the concrete floor. Fortunately, the sound was subtle and barely audible. The box hit once on the ground and with the forward momentum coiled up with in it, projected straight against the wall. In the process, the lip popped open and most of the contents scattered around.
The contents of the box itself were numerous and tiny. So many little things were contained inside, Todd scrambled around on his hands and knees collecting them before anybody could notice what he was doing. Taped to the inside of the lid was a piece of paper, folded many times over into a one inch square. One item that was of particular interest to Todd was the tiny flashlight, about the size of AAA battery. He carefully packed up the contents and placed them neatly back into the box for safekeeping.

To be continued…


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