Honor Among Thieves – Part Thirty-Nine

Part XXXIX of Honor Among Thieves, a short story contemplating the idea those who disobey the law are sometimes more honorable than those who follow them.


Written on both sides of a wide-ruled sheet of notebook paper, the enclosure read, “The time has come to make our great escape. Contained within is everything you need to play an important role in a plan that has been months ini planning. If you have second thoughts, you risk endangering the two dozen men involved. We are counting on you.
“At 3:30 tomorrow morning, you will be called out of your cell by a guard. Do not be concerned, he is in on the plan. The four small objects, located in the box, that look like breath mints are highly explosive, so use caution when holding them. Upon leaving your cell, the guard will take you to a hallway on the east side of the prison. He will unlock the door for you and then go about his rounds. From this point forward, you will be alone.
“The hallway will be dark, so have the small flashlight at the ready. At the end of the hallway, you will come to a brick wall. This is where you will need the tiny explosive devices. You will need to place these objects in a square pattern on the wall. The final step will be to detonate the explosive. In order to do this, you will need the small detonator that is shaped like a button. Be sure to stand at least 20 feet back from the wall when you detonate.”

To be continued…


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