Honor Among Thieves – Part Thirteen

Part XIII of Honor Among Thieves, a short story contemplating the idea those who disobey the law are sometimes more honorable than those who follow them.

Part XIII:

Fortunately for Judge Leesman, there was a paramedic on hand. The medical professional came running over and searched the judge’s wrists for a Medic-Alert bracelet. Thanks to this sterling silver bracelet he wore, the paramedic was able to quickly identify what type of medical condition the judge was suffering from. As he felt for a pulse, the movements and shaking stopped altogether. The paramedic grabbed an epi pen from his pack, removed the cap, and plunged it directly into the judge’s right thigh.
After a couple seconds of suspense, Judge Leesman gasped quickly for air and rose up, confusedly, looking around him to determine what had just happened. He tried to rise to this feet right away, before several people around him reached out their hands to persuade him to stay still on the ground. The first of these was the stenographer, who had been working on cases the judge presided over for more than two decades.
“Sir, please try to stay still,” she spoke to him sternly, “you have just collapsed. There is no need to rush to your feet.”
Realizing that he was in the courtroom now, he held his hand up to his forehead. He couldn’t see over the bench in front of him, where dozens of people were staring at him, looking for clues to see if he was okay. “Are you saying that we are in court right now?”
“Why yes sir,” the court reported spoke plainly. “It is a sentencing and you were just about to address the court when you collapsed.”

To be continued…


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