Honor Among Thieves – Part Five

Part V of Honor Among Thieves, a short story contemplating the idea those who disobey the law are sometimes more honorable than those who follow them.

Part V:

The courthouse was abuzz with people whispering back and forth to each other. The mid-sized town had seen its share of criminals put to justice over the years, but this case had been a bit different than the usual. Todd had been an upstanding citizen, fitting right into the normal way of things, so nobody was the wiser. He, in fact, held a public office with the local school district. Whether or not he was elected into this position, which in fact he was not, he was well known throughout the local area and often spoken well of.
“Can you believe Todd could really have run that woman over and not even stopped to make sure she was okay?” one gossiping townsperson said to another.
“Of course not,” the other one replied back, with a blazing tone that stretched several feet in each direction. “The man always had a smile on his face and seemed so genuine.”
As if either of these folks would know genuine if it slapped them right between the eye sockets, having only ever really looked swiftly upon the surface when studying another’s behavior. They went on with their talk, as did many other folks throughout the room. It wasn’t until the wife of the accused stood up and turned around, with a look on her face that would wilt a flower faster than a stiff wind, and looked upon those in attendance for just a little bit of sympathy that the place finally quieted down to a decibel level more akin to a soft whisper.

To be continued…

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