What ApeCoin is and Why You Don’t Need It

NFTs and crypto ApeCoin

If you are new to NFTs, the latest and greatest craze is a great place to start. ApeCoin has hardly been around for a couple months and it’s already “mooning” up to $8 billion in market value as I type this, in spite of the market generally moving lower along with Bitcoin.

Dogecoin and Its Importance to Elon Musk

Those of you who are new to cryptocurrency may not even kmow what Dogecoin is, let alone why it’s important to Elon Musk. Recently, his Twitter acquisition has stoked enthusiasts to believe he will integrate the meme coin with Twitter as soon as he takes over.

Listening to Sam Bankman-Fried (aka SBF) Talk About Yield Farming is Cringe

When Sam Bankman-Fried goes in depth on how your investments are akin to a cardboard box with nothing inside, the two interviewers on the podcast literally loose their minds. Read on to discover how SBF’s version of investing and how to farm yield income from your stakes may be a house of cards.