An Incalculable Feat – Part Twenty-Two

Part XXII of An Incalculable feat, a story about JoJo, a man in search of a way into a square that is completely closed off.

Part XXII:

The salty warmth of the red, viscous liquid brought to me a realization. At first, I feared losing this prized possession. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that it was never a self-serving purpose that drove me to keep and protect this seed. There are two paths one can take when he or she discovers something unique and special. It is the conundrum of the human situation that stretches limitless bounds. A leap one way seeks to secure said result of personal gain alone, at all cost. A full rotation and leap in the opposite direction has altruism at its roots and wants only for this unique and special treat to be enjoyed only for its existence.
Alas, I asked myself, “What would Jeremiah do?”
Jeremiah, so you will be able to adequately fill in the gaping hole, was my pet gerbil. A gerbil, as you know, does not have the luxury of being able to survive for several decades. Everything I learned, I learned by observing Jeremiah. On the surface, he was just a smelly rodent. The more I observed him though, I discovered wisdom in his being.
The night dragged on for a terribly long time. On the inside of my mouth, where I had apparently bit the inside of my cheek open, when I was struck, a huge blister formed. I could no longer speak and my cheek swelled to double or triple its normal size. As the sun began its daily ritual, I struggled for the resolve I needed to get through the day.

To be continued…

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