An Incalculable Feat – Part Twenty-Four

Part XXIV of An Incalculable Feat, a story about JoJo, a man in search of a way into a square that is completely closed off.

Part XXIV:

After repeatedly screaming for Loretta, she finally dragged herself out of her tent, to see what the ruckus was about. McKinley’s mate also popped out at nearly the same time, although I still haven’t a clue what he was doing there. It was as if he was some sort of prisoner being dragged along unwillingly and just about as helpful. He didn’t seem to give a hoot that McKinley was caught in the grips of a bear trap and nearly stepped over him on his way to the stream to fetch some clean water.
“Well, look at the pickle you have gotten yourself into,” Loretta said, through her teeth, trying not to chuckle. “I suppose you will find a way to blame this on me, also.”
McKinley swung his arms wildly towards Loretta, who was standing way out of his reach, to no avail. “Don’t cross me, Loretta, or you will pay!” he shouted, barely having the effect to stir a neighboring ant into submission.
“Oh? And how exactly will I pay?” she snapped back. “Will you give me a Vulcan mind meld? You do look a bit tied up at the moment.” As she said this, she held her elbow up to her mouth, to keep from breaking out in laughter.
As many a man in his position will do, McKinley continued to make idle threats and dig himself in even deeper. Even if everything I came to know about Loretta was built on a straw man, she certainly did not like to be ordered around. Whether it was honorable or not, I stood more chance of surviving with her in charge rather than McKinley.

To be continued…

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