An Incalculable Feat – Part Twenty-Eight

Part XXVIII, the conclusion of An Incalculable Feat, a story about JoJo, a man in search of a way into a square that is completely closed off.


When faced with a challenge, the options are usually pretty clear. Unless a situation takes a decided turn for the worse, outcomes are generally predictable. I knew that my chances were better with Loretta. I had seen her operate and thought I had a pretty good grasp of what made her tick. In any great battle, there is always a winner and a loser. I may have started out as the underdog, but I took the opportunity when it came to me.
Loretta untied my hands, saying to me at the time, “Please forgive my mistakes. I never should have turned my back on you. You never deserved any of this.”
I had to convince her that I was not after vengeance, or she never would have gone along with my plan. “Greed can be a powerful motivator. You never should have believed McKinley would share with you in the first place. Maybe one day I can learn to trust you again. Now grab your things, we must go to the dig site at once!”
While she went to grab her pack, I had the perfect opportunity to put forth a plan I had been working on. If I could get rid of Loretta, I would have no problem dealing with McKinley. I made my way over to the Jeep and did two things. First, I cut the brake line, so she would not be able to stop the vehicle once it was in motion. Second, I had to make sure she would remain in the car, so I disconnected the door handle so she could not open the door from the inside.
I sit here now, staring down into the gulch just down the road from the campsite. I was quick enough to hop out of the car in motion and only get a few scrapes on my arms and face. Loretta was not so lucky. I did not want to resort to this, but I had to look out for myself first. Once we turned the first corner, I jumped out of the car. It was a straight shot downhill and the fear coming from Loretta’s shout is something I will never forget. I can only hope that her demise was quick.

The End

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