An Incalculable Feat – Part Three

Part III:

Although I have never seen a grizzly bear in person, I have seen a camp ravaged by them. They have the remorse of a 2-ton wrecking ball and I didn’t want to take any chances. In the wilderness, I often sleep with one eye open, fearful of seeing a giant shadow on one side of my tent. Setting my fears aside, for the moment, I zipped up my tent, fit my hat snugly on my head and entered into the car.
“Did you bring extra gas for the generator?” I asked Loretta, who looked back icicles at me, as if she were the one who had to be reminded twice to remember things.
“Look down,” she sneered, pointing at the 2.5 gallon red, plastic gas container on the floor in front of me. “If you hadn’t forgotten it yesterday, we wouldn’t have wasted the whole day.”
I will admit that I am a bit forgetful. Okay, I am very forgetful. We had been using a gas-powered generator to run a circular saw we had been using to carve away some of the heavy rock covering the area we were currently excavating. Although the generator was loud, we didn’t have any other options. The engine on my gas-powered saw had burned out and I wasn’t able to find another nearby, so we had to rely on an electric one. After cutting through layers of rock, we had been burning more gasoline than we had accounted for.
It was only about a twenty minute drive to the site from our camp and we set out without further delay. The generator was attached to the Jeep with a hitch and bounced up and down as we made our way through the winding roads. It was an overcast day and I hoped the rain would hold off. It was much easier to work when it was dry, although I would take a nice cool rain over the heat of the sun any day.

To be continued…

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