An Incalculable Feat – Part One

An Incalculable feat is a story about JoJo, a man in search of a way into a square that is completely closed off.

Part I:

It all began, as most things do, without a reason. That is to say, the reason didn’t readily manifest itself above the rest of the nonsense that was shaping my reality at the moment. My name is JoJo, and that is the biggest hint I will give you, for that which is discovered through great effort brings with it a satisfaction that premature discovery can never come close. If I only knew how much effort this project would take in total, I can be sure I would not have entered into it with such little thought.
Geometry was never my strong suit, but I managed to wear it well enough. I spent way too much time fascinated by the word isosceles, saying it to myself over and over again, to pay attention to my homework. I now know it is this compulsion to find fun in the most mundane tasks that often leads my best laid plans askew.
Sitting down to my dinner of tofu and rice, I tried to remind myself, with each bite, that food did not have to taste good in order for it to nourish the appetite and sustain positive energy. Over the last several years, I have spent so many meals alone that I am fascinated by how contradictory this is to the natural way of things. Any species forced to hunt and gather its food will naturally find themselves among others, if they are doing it correctly. For sure, the best way to find a good meal would be to hang around others that have proven they can find food successfully. Watching a poor, dead animal baking in the sun on the road one day, I happened upon this theory that vultures would be wise to congregate effectively at mealtime.

To be continued…

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