An Incalculable Feat – Part Fourteen

Part XIV of An Incalculable feat, a story about JoJo, a man in search of a way into a square that is completely closed off.

Part XIV:

There are so many things in this world that I would love to know, yet they will most likely remain a mystery for the remainder of my existence. Thus, when I discover something truly unique and fascinating, it has all the more of an appeal to me. As most people of science do, I kept a journal of my experiences and discoveries. Although it does require a great deal of effort, I do my best to write down things as they happen and not just as I perceive them. Anyone who has attempted this can tell you how exceedingly difficult it is.
On the heels of what I felt to be a turning point in my search for a way into the square object I had been obsessed with for the last several months, I began writing feverishly in my journal. Words flowed out like water flowing downhill. At times, I felt like an important cog in the wheels that spin mankind’s planetary existence. To remain humble in the face of this, and underestimate my own self-importance, is something I can never stop focusing on, if my work is to be worth anything.
The evening was not particularly warm, but sweat was now pouring down different parts of my face. I had begun to sweat so profusely that it was even beginning to enter my eyes, causing a great burning and discomfort. I wrote, “the particles do not appear any different than other rocks of this area, yet possess a quality that enables them to hover, almost weightlessly above the ground. Once separated from the larger pieces, the individual particles themselves also have the ability to almost float.”
I couldn’t believe myself what I was observing and I struggled with the idea that maybe I was even beginning to become delusional. It was against all principles of matter for these rocks to possess these qualities.

To be continued…

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