A Fever

A Fever

I woke up very early, one fine October morning;
Stricken with a fever that came without a warning.
At first a sniffle, then a tickle in my throat;
Perhaps, last night, I should have worn a coat.
My tonsils were all swollen, legs squishy as jelly;
A rumbling sound I heard from way down in my belly.
Nights were long and cold, days passed even slower,
Then, without a warning, my spirits sank much lower.
I came within a heartbeat of moving towards the light;
Losing faith in that which gives me permanent delight.
Hands as swelled as blowfish, I could not even muster,
I brushed along the bottom of a rocky island cliff.
Never knowing better, I just gave up way too soon,
And then my feelings rose up, faster than a balloon.

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