If Once Were Enough – Part Six

Part VI   As with any part of counterculture, the more you are seen involved in it, the more you are viewed as an expert. Although I had a much higher ambition than being at the top of the Loose Tooth groupie food chain, it seemed that I found myself there. The reverie with which […]

If Once Were Enough – Part Five

Part V:   Maybe it is a shortcoming on my own part, but in a crowded environment I always feel like everyone’s eyes are glued to me. If only my presence in the room this instant were that important. It is no more or less than my own insanity that leads me to believe I […]

If Once Were Enough – Part Four

Part IV:   Now, don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t that I hadn’t assumed the band had a larger mission by playing music than what appeared on the surface, but this struck me as a bit bizarre. I replied, “So, what you are saying is that you are able, through music, to have a positive […]

If Once Were Enough – Part Three

Part III:   As a matter of education and because I have found nothing quite as enjoyable yet in my life, I regularly attend live concerts. I try to keep an open mind and see as many different styles and performers as I can. There is one band, Loose Tooth, that I follow religiously. In […]

If Once Were Enough – Part Two

Part II:   Music moves people. Literally. There can’t be much question about that. The next time you are in a room by yourself, clear your mind and try to release all your pervasive thoughts. If you are able to do this effectively, you will notice your limbs start to move with the beat. It […]

If Once Were Enough – Part One

Part I:   My name is Jerrold. I am an aspiring musician. Better yet, it may be more accurate to say I am aspiring to be a musician. Oftentimes, I wish that I had started studying at a much younger age, when I may have been able to learn much more easily. Currently, I am […]