Framingham Friends

Framingham Friends is a poem about old friends in a small form town called Framingham.

Humble Bumble Bee

Humble Bumble Bee is a poem about a tiny little bee that lives in its own world.

Courageous Cuff

Courageous Cuff is a poem about Cuff, a guy who was more courageous than most.

Gargantuan Gypsy

Gargantuan Gypsy is a poem about a fortune teller that has gotten to big for their britches.


Charades is a poem about communicating with actions instead of words.

A Piece of Dust

A Piece of Dust is a poem about something small that is often overlooked.

Casting Doubt

Casting Doubt is a poem about the subtle shade of gray that is cast over things that appear untrue.

Secrets of the Scatterbrained

Secrets of the Scatterbrained is a poem about those who have lots to share but can't organize their thoughts to communicate.

Cold Feels So Alone

Cold Feels So Alone is a poem about the bitterness the body feels when out in frigid weather.

Prone to Faffle

Prone to Faffle is a poem about being tongue tied.

Perfunctory Retaliation

Perfunctory Retaliation is the act of responding indignantly to something without taking much time to consider the consequences.

Defused Dilemma

Defused Dilemma is a poem about stopping what could have been a frightful situation before things get out of hand.

Pasty White

Pasty White is a poem about the face of white that occurs after seeing an apparition.

Running Amok

Running Amok is a poem about living in a frenzied state of mind and how that impacts oneself and others.

Caressing a Callous

Caressing a Callous is a poem about treating kindly those that have suffered invariably at the winds of fate.

Ethereal for Real

Ethereal for Real is a poem about something that seems too good to be true that often is just that.

Conduct not Becoming

Conduct not Becoming is a poem about people who become role models but don't behave as if they are.

Inside Jack’s Head

  We journeyed long and far to find respite, In search of moments less obvious and trite.   The path ran across a jagged cliff and led Us round the foggy ruins inside Jack's head. [...]

Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone is a poem about finding a place that you can make your own, even if it may not seem comfortable at first.

A Fistulectomy

A Fistulectomy is a poem about an operation to remove a fistula from the body.