Soliloquy in Sunlight – Part Twelve

Part XII:

The morning was quickly eroding as each minute passed. Our morning English lesson led into arithmetic and then Social Studies. I looked up and noticed it was 5 minutes before noon. From out of nowhere, bells rang through every loudspeaker in the school. The tone was nearly deafening, but it could only mean one of three things. There was either a real fire, someone pulled the fire alarm, or it was another mandated fire drill.
We all lined up single file and made our way into the school courtyard. The heat of the day was almost upon us. As we were standing awaiting further instructions, we were made instantly aware of feedback from a microphone being attached to the school PA system. All seemed normal, as if the principal were about to give the “all clear” and we could return back to our classrooms. Just then, it began, Elvin’s voice, at first barely audible, began a beautiful crescendo.
“If man were sent on a mission, perhaps at least the would be aware of an end goal before embarking. Most of you know me, some just catch a passing glimpse every once in a while. Without being conscious of your actions, you are responsible for causing the perpetuation of pain on this planet. I am the vision of the future. How things could have been, but likely will never be. My eyes have seen the truth, and borne the weight of a thousand anathemas. When praise should be foremost, it is with torturous insult that you seek pleasure. At one point it seemed possible to change, but the script has already been written, you are all just pawns in the plan.”

To be continued…

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