Soliloquy in Sunlight – Part Three

Part III:

In less time than it takes to bat an eyelid, Elvin and I simultaneously turned and looked back at the row of windows that lined the rear of our classroom. As with most schoolroom windows, there were no draperies or curtains hung to block the sun from entering; however, the architect carefully positioned the windows so as not to have direct sun glaring in during
school hours.
What we saw that morning shook us to the core. As we turned to look, a middle aged man was standing with just his head visible and his right index finger held to his pursed lips as if he was saying “shhh.” At the same time he was shaking his head horizontally in rhythmic motions. We could not see his eyes as he was wearing metallic coated sunglasses. Oddly enough, we both quickly observed this odd occurrence and then glanced back in each other’s eyes. My thoughts were racing and I felt as if I was looking straight through the back of Elvin’s head. A strange realization that I don’t recall feeling since that morning. When we both turned back to look again, he had vanished, leaving not a trace. None of the other 26 students or the teacher saw a thing.
There is clearly an Eastern style of thought and a Western style of thought. As with any scale of measurement, nothing lies at either end of an absolute spectrum, but somewhere inside. Is it possible that the most conservative Republican doesn’t have one slightly liberal thought or ambition? No creationist dogma of Eastern philosophy attempts to dispute Christianity, yet its teachings pre-date the evolution of the New Testament. Philosophy and religion should never be an attempt to create beginnings or endings, they should just be a way to rationalize what happens in the middle. Real joy is only a feeling, yet under an electron microscope particles probably skip a beat every once in a while.

To be continued…

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