Soliloquy in Sunlight – Part Thirteen

Part XIII:

“I have spent my young life in disbelief and searching for a long, lost secret. Knowledge is power, and many who possess it have no regard for any except themselves. This is possibly, at first, an evolutionary trait to enable the newborn to seek survival above all else. In order for humans to coexist on the planet in symbiosis, this unlearned characteristic must be overcome.
“Ironically, there is nothing more human or inhuman than random acts of kindness. To put one’s own primal satisfaction after another genetically different being is what compassion is all about. Don’t we all suffer enough in life without the unneeded strife? Even though it is hard to deny this, actions speak volumes louder than words. Four letter words have nothing on solitary struggles.
“I have seen true power and beauty, yet each day I am faced with people hoping to knock me down, instead of building me up. I have been beaten, battered, and bruised. You who seek to be entertained at my expense can not see the forest through the trees. If you allow my message to be scattered to the four winds, so be it. I can say no more, so I shall end there.”
Something shone so bright just then, right in Elvin’s face. It bore resemblance to a pocket cosmetic mirror. The reflection from Elvin’s own eyes grew a hundred fold, as if they were aflame. An awed silence fell over the crowd instantly.

To be continued…

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