Soliloquy in Sunlight – Part Ten

Part X:

Very little conversation ensued from the rest of dinner. I cleared my plate and requested permission to leave the table, as was customary. Finally, I could head back to the solitude of my bedroom. I flipped on the radio and scanned through pictures from the latest edition of Sports Illustrated. My parents still wouldn’t get me a computer or television for my bedroom.
Morning came like a lump of coal forced into the bottom of a Christmas stocking. The air was still heavy and humid from the night before. I don’t think I had actually fallen asleep all night, so I wasn’t feeling very refreshed after brushing my teeth and showering. I threw on a Batman shirt and shorts, grabbed my backpack, and tried to make my way right out the front door.
“Smelden, you need to bring your lunch to school today, there are no credits left in your account. I also put a granola bar and a bottle of water in a bag for you to eat on your walk to school.”
“Thanks, Mom. See you after school.”
I briskly made my way out the front door and down to the sidewalk. I paused momentarily to catch my breath and enjoy the release of the stuffy feeling that always accompanied me in
my house. I couldn’t yet see if Elvin was waiting outside for me. I tightened the straps of my backpack, one at a time, and made my way down the sidewalk, trying to step only once in each square.

To be continued…

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