Soliloquy in Sunlight – Part Six

Part VI:

Should you succeed in showing all present that you are willing and able to lead them, something magnificent will happen. Up will feel like down and cold will feel warm. The collective mind will instantly join and become one. There will no longer be a need for science, as everyone will consider you the sage. You will have gained the everlasting power of omnipresence within everyone’s mind.
First, you must locate the capsule that has been buried for many centuries, not far from where you live. I can give you no further instructions. Should you attempt to make a stand publicly before locating the capsule, the consequences can be dire. I wish you godspeed and grace under fire.
That was all there was. After reading through it twice, it made no more sense to me than on the first perusal. They say Atlas shrugged, but maybe the weight of the world is just too much for one consciousness to bear. Where heaven meets earth, surely god and angels fear to tread. Elvin had a cold, callous look in his eyes, but he seemed determined to say the least. I held out my hand, but he turned away, and this was the last I would see of him until the following day.

To be continued…

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