Soliloquy in Sunlight – Part Five

Part V:

According to Elvin, the day he received the letter, he woke up to the sunrise and saw it taped on the outside of his bedroom window. His bedroom window being on the second floor, he initially questioned how it came to be taped in that strange position. Especially with the advent of digital communications, he was particularly surprised that someone or something would go to such great lengths to handwrite a letter and post it on his bedroom window. It was posted directly next to the child locator window decal his parents had suctioned to the inside of his window. Here is the letter, which I still have, transcribed in its entirety:
My Dearest Frances,
You have arrived at a very significant crossroad in your life. Perhaps you have not yet become aware of the significance of your role and how it must play out. I have been closely following you since you were only an infant. How I came to watch over you is not important, just know that I have been watching and waiting to play my cards. What I hold in my hand is pivotal to the succession of knowledge and intelligence for mankind in the 21st century.
I warn you to not take anything I am about to tell you lightly or you will suffer unknowable consequences. I have watched many children with greater ability than yourself perish and come undone. I have searched far and wide for the individual ready to assume the great responsibility inherent with heightened awareness. Before you can lead, you must understand that following orders is of utmost importance.
I am asking you to stop questioning any instructions you receive. In three short days you will be visited by the Spirit of the Sun. In order to fulfill this quest, you must walk out into your schoolyard at high noon and step onto the podium that rests there. You may not know yet what you are going to say, but just open your mouth and the words will follow.

To be continued…


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