Snake Oil

Part I:

It seemed like it had been raining for days on end, when suddenly the sun was high up at its apex. It felt like the heat of the day all of a sudden, and before anybody noticed, the bright orange hues filled the sky. After being wrong for so many days, the weatherman had given up his prognostication since the Tuesday before. Now I distinctly remember, at almost the exact same moment, Happenin’ Hal had just appeared for the first time, up high on his horse, as it were.
Now, had we known that he went by such a euphemistic moniker as Happenin’ Hal on first introduction, things may have gone a whole heck of a lot differently. Little did we know, the man who said he “brought the sun back,” was going to leave a very staunch impression on every last one of us. Let’s together take a quick step back before we get too far ahead of ourselves.
It was a small stream, initially, flowing ever so briskly from one end of camp to the other. You see, we were, all seven of us, set up in a campground on the outskirts of town when it began. There was no fun to be had, all it did was rain each day. We tried to be strong. And then we tried again after we gave up the first time and then had tried again. We were at our most vulnerable moment the day that Hal gallantly arrived in front of us on his 3 year old colt.

To be continued…


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