Kraybold the Coward – Part Twelve

Part XII:

Some people only need to be persuaded slightly by greed to be overcome by its tentacle like grip. Greed is arguably as powerful in its impact on decisions as adrenaline is. Kraybold was so fully in its grasp that his sky blue eyes were sharp with determination. He was chomping at the bit to get his paws on the infamous gem he had spent his adult life protecting. His thoughts swam in a sea of achievable power and he would stop at nothing to ride along the crest of its wake.
Kraybold could sense he was close. The tunnel became narrower and more cobwebs were lining the walls, giving him the notion that travel in this part of the tunnel was not very common. Like a tiger attacking a fresh kill, Kraybold was about to pounce on his opportunity. He found the door, he just knew that behind this door was the answer to all his problems. He would no longer be the victim or the butt of the joke.
There was no latch or knob on the door. Just a simple small sign with plain, black lettering. It read: “Faith to all who enter.” He considered for a moment turning around and regaining conscience. But that thought vanished mightily into a million bits. He gave a gentle push to the door and it opened ever so slightly with barely a creak. Another push and the threshold appeared vividly before him.

To be continued…

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