Kraybold the Coward – Part Three

Part III

It must be stated clearly for the record that Kraybold was not a loner, he had simply not yet found the person, or persons, that he felt comfortable associating with. Kraybold’s father was an honorable man and a colonel in the British army. Halfway through his tenure, something very bizarre happened. His regiment was called in the middle of the night and told they were headed on a top secret mission to India. At the time, they were offered no other information, but as they came to learn, they were ordered to reclaim a precious gem that was stolen many hundred years prior.
The gem itself holds no less value than the venerable Hope Diamond, yet its origin and inherent value is of a different order. Every child has heard or been told some form of the legend at multiple points in their developmental years. Various nursery rhymes allude to it and singers often sing about it. To the troop assigned with securing it once again, it was simply known as C247. Legend has it, that he who holds the diamond in his possession shall walk on air and find no discomfort in life.
“Sergeant, it seems we have traveled many days, yet we are no closer to finding C247. How will we know when we are close?”
“The Queen has provided very little detail, but she has received GPS coordinates of a cave that has since been viewed on satellite. She is certain that the prize lies inside.”
“My troops are becoming restless. We have little food and water. The heat of the sun is so great that we must conserve our energy during the day and travel by night.”

To be continued…


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