Kraybold the Coward – Part Thirteen

Part XIII:

Finding himself right on the precipice, Kraybold went forward. Inside the room, he found two middle aged women. They were motioning to him as if they were expecting him. The older of the two women motioned Kraybold to sit down on the beautifully woven tapestry laid out across the floor in the center of the room. The younger woman pointed to the ceiling above. The smoke from the burning incense rose swiftly in shafts of light to the top of the domed ceiling. Kraybold felt as if he were inside a pyramid, as he saw, at the top of the ceiling, C247, as if it were an eye staring right down on him.
“We have been awaiting your arrival. The legend portrays you as somewhat taller, but the eyes, the eyes tell the whole story. How can you be ready to lead?”
The voice came from the older of the two women, Saphal was her name. Shrugging off her disbelief, she held out her hand to Kraybold. She had soft, olive colored hands that were surprisingly plain. She had no markings, jewelry or tattoos.
“I think you have caught me at a most inopportune moment. I feel as if I have just awoke from a slumber. I beg your forgiveness.”
Something tremendous happened inside of Kraybold’s mind at just that instant. He found himself having crossed the line and begun to look back on himself. He then realized he hadn’t yet gone forth with his plan. It was all in his mind. Perhaps these two women would steer him back on course?

To be continued…

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