Kraybold the Coward – Part Ten

Part X:

Anticipation of catastrophic events is arguably more intense than even the most severe of unexpected occurrences. Deliberating over a future event can cause elevated levels of anxiety that can cause us to make poor split second decisions. From an evolutionary perspective, fear causes adrenaline, the most potent naturally produced bodily chemical, to engage the organism in either fight or flight. Anxiety occurs when a decision can not be made on the most appropriate response.
Once a person is able to overcome their desire to flee all unpleasant situations, energy can be focused on the primitive response to fight. Since it can be established that the sum of all emotional discomfort can not be greater than the realization of any specific stimuli, it should be dramatically easier to endure than to evade. Both Kraybold and Seringal had the uncanny ability to do just this. However, as you will soon learn, Kraybold was overwhelmingly selfish while Seringal had a far more virtuous nature.
“If you are all I get, then I guess I will just have to make do.”
With that, Kraybold drew three small flags from his waist pouch and shoved them right in Seringal’s test, causing him to shudder ever so slightly.
“Take these three flags and go to the top of the hill and stand lookout. The flags are each a different color. If you see danger, wave the red flag. If one of our men returns, but without the prize, wave the yellow flag. And if one of my men shall return with the C247, wave the white flag, high and proud.”

To be continued…

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