Kraybold the Coward – Part Sixteen

Part XVI:

Most lessons learned in are preceded by failure. What can be more memorable than falling flat on your face? While collecting the shattered pieces and remnants of what was and should never be, we often encounter learning. Unfortunately, even the harshest of memories are just impulses in the brain that can only increase our chances of making better decisions in the future.
Perhaps Kraybold had learned a great deal from his experience in India, but once the senior officers had examined the gem he returned him with, they realized he had returned with a fake. He was discharged from the service and passed away some six months later as a horrible drunken mess. Fortunately, he was able to explain his decision to his own family and they were the only ones who respected his choice.
Kraybold Junior and his mother made their way to America to begin a new life. After eighteen months, his mother passed away from a heartattack. Kraybold was left all alone to mourn the passing of both his parents. His father had taught him a great deal about self control and intelligence, but failed to grace him with any social skills. Most afraid of spreading negativity into the world, he continued to spend each day by himself, wandering the small coastal town where he took residence.

The End

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