Kraybold the Coward – Part Six

Part VI:

“Very little specifics have been given, save for the GPS coordinates of a location in southern India. We have only about a seven mile journey from this point. According to stories passed down over time, the gem is to be moved on the first day of the new moon, which is three days from today. The prize is to be hidden ‘in plain sight’ so as not to gain public notice. This shall make our task even more difficult. It may be transported by either man, woman, or child.”
“Forgive my skepticism, but this sounds like a bunch of malarkey!”
“Commander Rogers, I respect your opinion. That being said, you are completely accurate. Some say romance only exists in newspapers. If we are successful in recovering C247, we will have achieved a great victory. We shall rest for the remainder of the evening and set out bright and early tomorrow morning.”
After his sudden outburst, Commander Rogers returned to his previous state of silence. To give up at this point would lead to certain death, so his decision was made quite easily. The last pack of cigarettes was opened and the men all put their heads back and entered a nicotine induced state of relaxation. The full moon provided a great deal of light to the desert night and the stars shone brighter than any of the men could remember. Kraybold encouraged the men to get some rest as the hardest part of their mission was about to begin.

To be continued…

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